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How To Ebooks

Make your own ebooks and become a professional author
  • Ebooks

    How to Create Your First Ebook

    Enhanced Version

  • What You'll Get

    Authors work hard to write and polish their books, but no matter how great the content, if the e-book is poorly formatted then readers will be frustrated. Avoid disappointing your readers and make your e-book look professionally published. Using free tools, you can:

    • Make professional, high quality ebooks
    • Take full control of how your ebook looks
    • Prevent unnecessary 1-star reviews
    • Save money!

  • Courses



  • What You'll Get

    Visual learners, try an online class. Video tutorials break down the process of creating ebooks. Plus, there's a bonus in the Udemy course with over 300 resources for self-publishing. In the classes, you will learn:

    • How to design an ebook
    • What's inside an ebook
    • What to look for in a professional ebook
    • How to upload and distribute ebooks

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About The Author

Sabrina Ricci Author and Teacher

Sabrina Ricci is a writer and ebook developer. She has been making ebooks since 2011, first working as an ebook developer for Simon & Schuster, NBC Publishing, and The Experiment Publishing, and now making ebooks for indie authors. She loves keeping up with all the updates and new features in ebooks, and she spends her free time learning the latest specs.

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Ebook Marketplace.

Ebook distribution networks

Enhanced Ebooks.

Different ebook formats

Reading Ebooks.

Where and how to read ebooks

iTunes Connect.

Uploading ebooks to Apple


Selling ebooks on Amazon

Making Ebooks.

Using Sigil to format ebooks

Special Formatting.

Designing ebooks

Selling Ebooks.

Distributing ebooks via retailers

Make Your Own Beautiful Ebooks



Choose how you want to learn

Are you a visual learner or kinetic learner? Choose from a variety of options on how you want to learn how to make ebooks. Whether you prefer reading, watching videos, or completing projects, we've got you covered.

How to Create Your First Ebook (enhanced)

$5.99 ⁄ ebook
  • Format and distribute your own ebooks.
  • Save money by learning to DIY.
  • Get bonus videos to see the ebook production process.

How to Create Your First Ebook

$4.99 ⁄ ebook
  • Turn your work into a complete ebook.
  • Take full control over how your ebook looks.
  • Prevent unnecessary 1-star reviews.

How to Create Beautiful Ebooks (Udemy)

$50 ⁄ class
  • Learn the basics of ebooks
  • Professionally create ebooks to sell on major retail sites
  • Get a bonus enhanced ebook with even more videos

Create Your Own Beautiful Ebook (Skillshare)

$25 ⁄ class
  • Learn the basics of ebooks.
  • Create and validate your first ebook.
  • Sigil and Adobe Digital Editions required.


How to Ebooks has helped many authors already, via the online courses and ebooks. Read some of the reviews from around the web.


  • Great resource for novices A lot of other books I've seen require a certain level of understanding of the industry and the publishing process as a prerequisite. This course starts from the beginning, including the differences between different marketplaces, all the way through a tutorial on creating and distributing the final product. Great for beginners or those looking for an update on the new players in the e-book industry.

    - Garret, Udemy student
  • Provides eBook Construction Other Courses Skim Over Sabrina comes to life when she starts Sigil portion (lecture 9). The first 8 lectures suffer from poor sound. Her voice is crystal clear, but the volume is so low you have to strain to hear. If you build your own eBooks there are plenty of helpful tips. [UPDATE] Sabrina should be commended on her rapid response to my review in regards to the sound problem. Shortly after posting my comment she sent me a message that she had increased the volume on all of the lectures. In addition she promptly responded to several questions I had Kindle marketing. She's a solid five star in my book.

    - Richard, Udemy student
  • Everything about ebook design This course was very in-depth covering everything a person would need to know about ebook design. I've been an ebook author for a while and usually rely on others to do the formatting for me. This course is great for anyone looking to do it themselves and make their ebooks look exceptional.

    - Derek, Udemy student
  • Bravo well done Awesome course. Got me up to speed using Sigil and other tools. Lots of golden information nuggets on tools, websites making your job so much easier. Brief quizzes scattered throughout the course kept you staying focused so knowledge stayed in your head. Sabrina knows what she's talking about and easily relays it to you with her easy to listen voice. My focus was on Amazon Kindle but had my eyes opened wide about the other players and how to get ebooks uploaded to their online stores.

    - Jim, Udemy student
  • Great course! This was EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thank you!

    - Lulian, Udemy student
  • I found this step-by-step overview of how to do it very helpful about how it can be done, and all the different stylistic issues that make ePub different than other options.

    - Stella
  • Formatting an e-book can be a daunting task, but How to Create Your First E-Book uses examples, screen shots and videos as learning tools and becomes your step-by-step guide.

    - Kathy Lapeyre, author of Family Focus